shout out to my friends, Dodger fans

of all people i know how bad it hurts to lose and important series.

when I first moved to LA in 1984 the Cubs lost to the San Diego Padres in the playoffs.

several tragic things happened in that series.

Leon “Bull” Durham let an easy ground ball go between his legs.

And my once favorite Dodger, Steve Garvey, crushed a homer that would basically dash the dreams of teenage Tony.

ive never been able to look at San Diego with joy since and once i returned there in 1985 i was jeered with chants of

Eighty-Four, Eighty-Four.

to which i vowed to never return to that godforsaken land ever again.

i have since amended that promise.

i will only return if it is to make the final push that sends it floating into the sea.

so when i say things like “the only thing San Diego is useful for is to pee before heading to Mexico”, it is rooted in that 84 Championship Series.

today for Cub fans, however is a memorable one.

sort of a holy day.

for a year ago today the Cubs won the World Series in dramatic fashion.

many of the angels and saints in Heaven delayed the game with rain so all of the souls of past Cub fans could gather round and see history get made.

i sat on a couch with my mother and we watched and i drank beer and later poured some out for the brothers who weren’t there.

children by the millions around Chicagoland can now visit places like San Diego and not be scarred for life.

but know that somewhere theres a teenager or two in LA

who will never have warm feelings towards Houston ever again.

and to them, i totally get it.

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