toughest question I was asked all week

A very well meaning gentleman was tasked to help me on a project

he said can you draw it up for me.

I said no problem and in minutes I had it sketched out on a yellow legal pad using a blue pen

then he said the most curious thing. He said can you show me an example somewhere where someone else had done it?

I said have you ever met anyone like me?

I asked in your whole life how many xbi agents have you met?

even among uber drivers how many uber drivers do you know like me?

I said I am here to do

New Things

Big things

Cool things.

Things that if they had been done already, I wouldn’t be interested in.

No this hasn’t existed before and that’s why people are going to love it.

He asked well what about that saying that there’s nothing new under the sun?

I said I want you to listen to Pink Floyd’s greatest hits.

Yes there were guitars and bass and drums and vocals and saxophones before Pink Floyd

But there wasn’t Pink Floyd before or since.

And that’s what we should all strive for: to express our own unique freakiness that never was before we got here.

And one way to get there is to find the gaps where no ones ever been before.

And trust me, the audience will follow us there.

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