welcome to 2017, the year we all die

usually at this point i stare at the ceiling trying to figure out what some good resolutions would be

eat better, walk more, give more to the poor, blog more, take better pictures, link more

but in a few weeks russia will have access to everything.

change your passwords? move to canada? repopulate asap with everyone?

the best part is you dont even need to throw away any money on a tombstone or a plot

we are all going to evaporate

like a thief in the light.

we wont even see it coming.

it’ll even be quiet.

just a flash.

st. peter will not ask how many steps you’ve walked.

he’ll wanna know what was in your heart.

was it fear and ignorance and ugliness and shame

or was it love and openness and charity and peace?

it’s pretty simple, he’ll say looking down at his clipboard

withholding for a minute whether he sees your name on the list

and waiting for you to answer.

surprisingly patient considering he has an entire planet to interrogate.