today i had a mcrib for lunch

i got it at the mcdonalds on vine just south of sunset.

i order it without onions or pickles.

amber and i had been bickering, so i took a little drive to get some baseball cards by Six Flags.

it was gonna be a long drive so she could cool off.

her anger had nothing to do with me.

and this year i am going to do my best to diffuse all arguments

even though im undefeated in twitter fights

and have a winning percentage in verbal bouts.

this year though im hanging up my gloves.

im gandhi in 2021.

peace love and mcribs, like libras should be.

when you order no onions or pickles one of two things happen

either they wipe them off of there and reapply extra bbq sauce

or they just make a fresh one for you.

lately ive been getting fresh ones.

another thing you should know: a mcrib ala cart will set you back $4.35, which is outrageous.

worse is when you get the combo which can climb up to $8.

it’s terrible because a large coke ala cart is $1. which means youre paying A LOT for those fries.

great as they are, fuckem.

anyways i had made it to the valley when amber called me and apologized and asked me to come home and not catch covid.

an angeleno is dying every 10 minutes right now for doing dumb things like going to walmarts.

i accepted her apology and told her that i am here for her

i am her rock.

not like Peter the Rock who dissed the Lord three times before the cock crowed but like an actual rock

one that is hard to sleep with, stubborn, and old.

but there for her.

she said ok.

things were better when i got home. but not perfect. people are mean to her. it sucks.

so much sucks.

but not that mcrib.