i have like my 4th adhd consultation tomorrow

they make you fill out  a little questionaire the day before the deal.

are you suicidal? do you wanna kill anyone? are you having trouble concentrating?

some wild questions before getting to the matter at hand.

anyways i am a peaceful man i just have a hard time concentrating when i need to do it the most.

so when i was filling it out today i started thinking i dont need any pills. im fine. i get a lot of things done.

but then tonight i realized im really cutting it close with one assignment i have. i just offered up an idea about another piece – much smaller – for bree. and then every monday and tuesday i have issues doing my dumb blog post.

so yes i do need pills because i just wanna be a normal guy who does his work, knocks it out, takes a dump and goes to sleep.

but since when have i ever been normal?

i told a pretty girl the other day that i have her pics all around my apartment. am i insane? how creepy does that sound?

told another i had her picture in my medicine cabinet. i thought that would disturb her. instead she told me about her memory of that day and how she did a lot of new things with me for the first time.

i said what?

she said, getting out of my comfort zone in order to grow as a person.

then she said, having my picture taken and believe I was beautiful.

the devil is working over time in our heads.

convincing knockouts they arent pretty

tricking writers like me into not writing.

then trying to talk my brain out of not pursing the meds they need.

this week is screwed because I LOVE DRIVING SO MUCH and today i couldnt do it bc of the podcast and tomorrow i cant do it because of the writing thing ive gotta do all day

which means i only have three days to make money at driving.

so heres the plan. my goal for those three days is $250 a day. and hit the $230 bonus, so thats not a bad week. plus the writing will get me $600 bc they owe me from last month.

ok whew im glad i wrote that all out. that means i can write tomorrow, take the dr call at noon. then go to the movies, get home, fall asleep early and be up at the crack of the day on friday and knock out 30 rides.