had to write a tough email today

followed by a tough text and then a tough phone call.

this is adulting, as the kids say.

sometimes you have to do the hard things, even if there are good possibilities.

even if the people are sincere and have good hearts.

if you know me you know that i have a few super powers.

one is i feel no pain.

another is if you introduce yourself to me, i will forget your name almost instantly.

but my favorite is i can see people’s hearts and i can tell if you are good or bad like right away.

because of that i usually look at peoples’ teeth when i talk because i don’t want to see the heart. i dont wanna know. i want to believe that everyones good.

what i have learned is more people are good than you’d think.

i had to say some hard truths today to a good person.

truths i wish someone else had said, but with super powers come responsibility.

what sucks about the email and text and long phone call is now i wont be able to see the pretty girl i was fixin to see.

the one who always seems to frown in her photos.

the one who has lots of guys lined up to turn that frown upside down.

but we all know who woulda done it better.

so now i am free to do whatever i want.

and what i want may surprise you.

which is