sometimes sometimes sometimes

youd think someone who puts out, so to speak, as much as i do, wouldnt worry about productivity

but i know how much i am capable of and i know how much actually comes out

and that giant difference worries me.

it’s not even procrastination, it’s attention span.

i want to do interviews, i want to write but so much of it bores me

maybe because ive done it so many times.

i really should just have a damn radio show because that part is the only part that interests me. as soon as its over i wanna do the next thing.

i can go anywhere and talk to people and learn the best things

i was in the Ralphs in Beverly Hills yesterday talking to a woman from Western Africa

hell if i know the first thing about Africa, let alone Western Africa

so i looked at her up and down and gave out a wild guess


she looked at me like i was a ghost. she said Close! Nigeria!

when i got home i looked at a map and sure as shit i was close.

we could have talked for hours. but heres the thing, if i had to record it, transcribe it and put it down on a website it would take me forever because all i can think of is the next three people i wanna talk to.

and thats how companies are built. because clearly i need to hire someone to do all the minutiae i don’t wanna do. but that cost money. which is why i just have to do these things i dont wanna do, get rich and start paying the people to do the things that stop me.

i interviewed this awesome dude last month and then i finished this huge project and now that im done i have to transcribe the dude and ask him a few more questions and get some pictures.

but now im distracted with the story i went to beverly hills for. DO YOU SEE MY PROBLEM? is this why people have children? so they can make them do the things you dont wanna do when you’re half a century old?

i wonder if my niece could do this work? bet she could.

ok done.