happy mlk day

what most non americans probably dont realize is even though mlk day is a national holiday and everyones supposed to have the day off,

for some reason a whole lot of america still has to work on mlk day.

in 1999 there was still four states that refused to acknowledge the holiday. the only reason arizona observed it starting in late 1993 is because they lost the Super Bowl in early 1993 because no one wanted the big game in a state so racist they would rather not have a fucking day off.

both amber and i had the day off this year, which was a treat because i was able to sleep in and we casually got it together and eventually made it out into the world. it was really windy, a little cold, but traffic wasn’t terrible. still way more cars than there should have been.

my belief is most people don’t get the day off unless they have a federal or state gig. and thats sad. what more does a guy have to do for people to really just give it up to him?

ironically, heres what i want to do next year. i want to drive around LA from 9am to 5pm and talk to people and see if they got the day off. i’ll leave their employers out of it because im not trying to shame anyone. i just want to show people how weird it is that we have a day off for a black hero, maybe the black hero, and people have to take a PTO day if they want it off, or they have to lie by calling in sick, or… they just work.

some holiday.

happy birthday, America

Happy birthday to my favorite country
a place where a man born to an African man and a midwestern woman
can go to Harvard, run for president, become president
and despite unprecedented Congressional cockblocking and cowardice,
miraculously pull a nation from a deliberating recession,
while killing tyrants, ending wars,
making the nation freer, healthier, and more prosperous
with style and eloquence.
As a Cub fan I look the other way when I remember he’s a Sox fan.
One day I hope his detractors can look the other way
when they remember
he’s not like them.
yours in rock,