i have three g-mail invites that i can send out.


and since my carpel tunnel is ridiculously painful tonight

and since the lakers are going to tie this series up 1-1

and since i will be at my true love’s condo on wilshire

i figured that i should give the gift of gmail to you, my loyal readers

but how would i know who wants it?

so in these comments please either

1) tell me why you deserve/need/must-have the coolest free email service of all time

2) tell me what you will give me in return for the coveted gmail invite

3) tell me what you will give someone else if you get the invite from me


4) make an audblog post on your blog that doesnt suck.

tomorrow we’ll figure out how to pick the winners.

good luck!

meanwhile here is part one of stuff from my answering machine:

[a link to Audblog was here]

1. anna and eva calling from a cab

2. danielle with blog questions

3. danielle omg

4. chris with a target run

5. my mom reviewing one of my blog posts

6. thirsty joe trying to make travel arrangements to nyc

7. linda wanting to visit while she hangs with lance a.

8. my uncle billy calling

9. my mom getting cut off

and here’s part two

[a link to Audblog was here]

1. my mom telling me the ny times article was good

2. jeanine telling me a party is canceled

3. marc brown offerring dodger tix

4. barney giving the lowdown about prince aftershow shows

5. amy jo calling after seeing prince