the world is hotter than ever, it’s on fire

and on the east coast it’s about to get walloped with rain and flooding

meanwhile here in the west we are trying to ignoring a terrible drought.

in the middle east all hells breaking loose

and here in the land of the free people are doing their best to stay ignorant about this covid thing

on top of that things are more expensive than ever

buying a house in california is damn near impossible for an honest man

and the list can go on and on and on

it makes me a little bit happy about not bringing children into this world because wtf

they dont deserve this

and how are they supposed to fix it

but this is how crazy i am

if the right woman said omg tony pierce

in the right way

for the right amount of time

id do the not right thing

and poor little babyblog would be born

into this toilet earth

which is why i really hope God is up there

and i hope we are truly forgiven