the portal is open

for some reason this blog wont let me blog and its frustrating but here it is 254am and i noticed this window that had been hanging for ever suddenly opened and here you are. hi.

let me see if this saves.

whattay know it saved. ok. so i have a new job that keeps me up all night, for good reasons.

it’s writing for which apparently everyone i talk with about, loves.

i love being able to not just write about music every day but concerts. new ones old ones. and its great to work with Bree again.

its a lot of writing but its more about the research. a lot of finding things, listening, watching, reading. then writing.

the podcast hit its 100th episode on the fourth of july. then we decided to take the rest of the month off because those first two years was a sprint, baby, whew. so its nice to have a little break as i figure out the routine of setlist.

with that said, tomorrow i interview a former tv and movie writer who is now a therapist.

we had this huge tweet go viral last weekend and he dmed me right before it happened saying he loves the show and wanted to be on. because he did it before the viral tweet makes me believe him more.

the tweet was this one where an actor talks tough to a studio chief. because the actor deleted the original which was on his IG, ours was the one everyone retweeted. 8 million views.

but the best part, 1,100 new followers. maybe 1,200 who knows. a lot. we’re at 2,600 now. and the best part about that is they’re all real.

ok i need to finish this ed sheeran thing and watch dude wheres my car.