im working. im always working. but i have a hobby.

this pandemic has really got me into baseball cards in a big way.

not super expensive ones that id be sad if they got damaged or stolen or lost. but just cards in general.

after a long day of this and that it’s nice to just relax, alphabetize, sort, and organize.

putting order to things in a quiet way is calming.

and in turn to learn a little about baseball history is good for the soul.

oh Orel Hershiser spent some time with the SF Giants? Willie Randolph was a Brewer?

i buy these three ring binders from the Dollar General and get 9 pocket card protectors and at first i was organizing them one way, but now i have buying huge lots off ebay for pennies and im evolving into every team gets their own binder.

is it a time-suck? yes. but so is reading a book and i dont see any of you dissing that charming hobby.

last week i bought this Medium Sized USPS box of cards spanning the last two decades. the ebay listing just had a picture of the box. including shipping it is $20. 2,700 cards.

could it be a waste of money? odds are low.

heres how i justify it.

back when i lived in Westwood, on Sundays the truest would say lets go to Dolores’ for breakfast.

they had muffins the size of your head and the interior was vintage. too good to last. and alas it didnt.

you couldn’t get out of there for less than $20.

and yet these cards will be in my binders forever.

mitt romney’s dream come true.

was this a good weekend?

any weekend where i remained above ground is a good one.

amber and i went out to temple city yesterday, then today over to santa monica.

ive been looking for baseball card sleeves for my three ring binders.

shes been so bored around the house that shes been tidying up every nook and cranny.

ive kept her off my trail pretty well, but my many mansions may have firepoof floors

but they dont have any true space for my small baseball card collection

so i have been putting them in binders like mitt romney.

weirdly theres an out of control baseball card shortage at target, walmart, walgreens and CVS.

i talked to the store manager of this huge walgreens in monrovia who loves baseball cards

and he gave me the address of a small baseball card shop in altadena

i said, your store is so gigantic why dont you have a huge row of cards here and supplies like what im looking for.

he said, the kids would steal.

i said, put them in the glass cases that my shampoo is in at Vons


he had alligator shoes on.

we talked baltimore orioles baseball for a little while.

then he got depressed.

then amber said can you just please order these online?

and i said yes dear.

every day i dont wear a suit is a good day

how have i even been able to feed myself without a shirt and tie.

drove around south LA yesterday looking for baseball cards at walmarts.

couldnt find anything i was looking for.

first i went east then south, then way south,

then i was in compton and i met this mexican family.

kids were sneezing, but the dad and his oldest son were considering these $79 a box cards

clearly collectors. we started talking and it turned out they had been 20 minutes ahead of me

allll day long.

clearing the shelves everywhere along the way.

what are the odds.

so i followed them home.

and moved in.

tell my cats i love them.