when i say be yourself i mean really yourself

but then that means know who you are

and thats a far more complicated situation.

i can be the nicest person in the whole world in person

but on email or text im the worst.

if there was a job where i could just write people venomous emails, the type that make you want to throw your computer out the window after reading it, i would be the king of that world

or if i could be the sweetest greeter at the fanciest restaurant.

oh you look so lovely, welcome to Chez Frank’s. what perfume are you wearing? it’s ravishing.

but real life is a combo of the two and all the shades in between. i find myself in battles all the time. situations i never expected to be in, and yet there we are. what do i do? what do i say?

evil tony wants to come out and bust heads the way he was taught on the mean streets of suburban illinois.

but sweet tony is infused by the grace of the holy spirit. we are all children of God. perhaps everything that happens on earth is just a complicated test to see how we will perform in Heaven, if we are allowed in there in the first place. thus check thyself. else, wreckith thy own.

as luck would have it i am usually gentle with the ones i should be strong and not strong enough with the ones i should release the kracken with.

i dont have the most clear memories of receiving my super powers, but i do remember this faint voice

was it a dream?

anyway it goes on a loop in my head from time to time, quiet and then louder.

dont use this for evil, only for good.