Dear Associated Press,

bernieFor years you and the rest of the news media has hyped this election.

Barack Obama was barely into his second term when you and your cohorts were speculating what would happen during this election and who would win.

You can’t tell millions of people the day before their state’s elections that their vote doesn’t matter and think they’ll listen.

Why would you do that anyway?

If you wanted to write something interesting the day before the election that youve been hyping for years, you should have written about why people should always vote and all the weird things that have happened through the years when people actually voted.

Instead you wrote what you did and now millions of Hillary supporters may stay at home because they think their vote doesn’t matter.

And all the Bernie supporters will vote and the numbers will be far more interesting than even Nate Silver is predicting.

Oh that was your intent all along?

All right then.

See you at the polls tomorrow.