today was a big day

but because it took so long i think i may not have let it all sink in properly.

plus i was busy.

skype call, then tons of phone calls, and i had a nap.

today the first female vp assumed office.


that alone is progress, but she is also black and asian.

so the first black vp

and the first asian vp

to kick it off this 22 year old LA poet kicked ass for six minutes

jlo sang,

lady gaga sang.

bernie became and instant meme.

garth brooks sang and a bunch of his lifelong fans said

theyd never be fans again.

over joe biden?

talked to my mom on the phone, amber, jeanine, even mr os.

one of our friends and his family have the virus.

talked to a girl the other day who just got over it.

sleep a lot and drink a lot of water and dont do shit she advised.

was on the phone for an hour with at&t

lady was from iowa

i asked so are you a cyclone or a hawkeye

which is the extent of iowan small talk i can produce.

made a dinner of peas potatoes and beyond meat.

things are about to get better.

hang on.