birds are these electric scooters you ride for a buck

it’s a santa monica start up who ironically is having a hard time in santa monica because

people pay a lot of money to live or do business there and bird

populated all over town, with no warning

and everyone loved it

but governments like to be in control of things, as do loud mouthed so called powerful people

and so now santa monica is saying that it will give priority to uber and lyft in regards to electric scooters, instead of to bird and it’s competitor lime

even though neither uber nor lyft has ever rented an electric scooter to anyone.

crazy ass santa monica.

anyways my brother told me he has had fun charging them over night

so i tried about a month ago but it wasn’t as fun where i live because the app that tells you where they are isn’t always accurate because, weirdly, people do some very sad things to these mighty machines, which makes the map unreliable as it claims a bird is on this corner when it may not have been there for a month or longer.

these people deface them, toss them, abuse them, sticker them, ive even seen a few with the electronics ripped out, – i assume to figure out how to use them for free – all things that screw up their tracking system.

they are vulnerable, sitting tall on the street all night, waiting, but unable to move.

the other hard part about the charging game is you have to have the birds back on the street during the window of 4am and 7am.

hours which are ungodly – but you can jet across one side of LA to the other at warp speed.

even the cops are like fuckit

but looking for scooters, finding them, taking them home, bringing them back to life and waking up early to drive them to their ‘nest’

is the weirdest version of Pokemon Go ive ever seen and 100 times harder because you strike out constantly.

and i cant wait to play again tomorrow.