they say they dont know who invented bitcoin

and in trying to use the internet for clues

they looked at one suspect’s blog

and how he blogged like 3-4 times a week right until bitcoin got released

then his production went down to a trickle: 9-10 posts a year.

but heres the thing about blogging: it’s not easy.

and people quit all the time for lots of reasons

maybe he got a girlfriend

maybe he found a different hobby.

maybe he left when his audience shifted to facebook

maybe he was giving away too many clues as to what his real life was

or maybe he just ran out of ideas.

i remember in college, when robyn bell, my professor who pulled me out of letters and science

she said you need to go to the college of creative studies

i said ok but i have a question for you

i was 22.

i asked, since you teach at this college of creativity

can you tell me if creativity dries up?

she said no

i said then why do bands only have one or two good records?

she said

you should think about actual artists like painters

painters can paint well until the day they die

i said ok but what about rockers?

she said bob dylan has never made a bad record

and i said i cant wait to learn more.

to me whoever invented bitcoin was creative

and probably kept blogging

but not in the place these detectives were lookin