what do you do when you dont know

do you just scroll and wait and cry and die inside

i yell.

yelling though has never seemed to work for me.

but it comes out like puke that wont wait for you to get to where you need to go.

it blurts then unfurls all over.

creativity like you’ve never heard.

my voice makes sounds that i dont even recognize.

i dont feel better afterwards

and i rarely get what i want because of it.

no one avoids marching down that path again because somehow the erruption is only

merely annoying

instead of omg wtf Noooooooo

my problem is being cool doesn’t work for me either.

and then people think they can just come right up to me and diss me.

but you know, the cubs won the world series.

so fuck em all.

who cares any more?

the trouble started with the caring.