its almost 7am. still not sleepy

it’s because i had to force myself to wake up to get to Venice for a TWO PM interview.

how will i ever make it through the next 50 years of my life?

when i got there we had a 3 hour conversation that wore me out. not because he wasnt great, he was, we talked religion, music, rent control, he played a tenor sax for me. we talked about reeds and mouth pieces. food.

afterwards i walked along the boardwalk and talked with German in Venice.

i wanted good food but didnt find any that wasnt obscenely priced.

ended up at a Del Taco drive thru. my bill was $10 but they didnt take plastic bc their machine was broke

so they said, how much cash you got. i said $8. They said fine.

also gave me a really large straw, loved it.

when i got home i was exhausted and had a headache. COVID? i had touched a lot of people this week hanging will all my friends. hugs. shook hands 2x today.

so i took a nap. it turned into a very long one. at 1am i woke up and now im screwed. my body doesnt like long naps and loves to punish me for them.

i was awake when the paper arrived and i read this article that the majority of Black people in LA are not vaccinated. so i tweeted out to



that we need to do something. concerts? bbqs? raffles just for black folk? free movie tickets? i dont know. but this is crazy.