did you know they’re teaching the busblog in college textbooks?

frequent blogger

hell yeah they are.

my practice of “blogging” was noted by some dude who has written a bunch of text books about “The Social World” and a few people were kind enough to let me know, the most effective being this lovely woman from Jersey who let me know today that im the posterboy of “overgeneralization” in Mr. Schutt’s mind because of this post from 2005.

bro probably overlooked the fact that this blog clearly states on top of every page that “nothing in here is true”, but whatevs

and also, MOST people i do run across hate going to jury duty. f the Harris poll! if the Harris poll was right, why is everyone – sorry MOST PEOPLE – so relieved when they dont have to go to jury duty?

also i think my comment and his question to the students are different. i think MOST PEOPLE would be thrilled with jury duty if they could show up and get right to the trial. but no, you gotta sit in that waiting room, you gotta wait all day, then maybe you get picked, then they ask you questions, then maybe you get picked for a case, then you gotta go home, then come back the next day, then wait some more, then you get to the case MAYBE

its the process thats the nightmare, not the actual hanging the bad guy.

either way the busblog is getting love from college kids EVERYWHERE and thats cool with me bro.