in art you care about the details

even if you know most people in a gallery or a museum is gonna give your thing

maybe 30 seconds

you still go for it.

you do that so in the rare chance you get someones attention

who is gonna buy your over price thing

maybe they too will appreciate the details you put in there

maybe they too will see what you see or something

even better

something deeper that you didnt even know you put in there.

so thats why the blog posts i do for this ridiculous podcast

of love

are 24 minutes long even though the stats couldnt be more clear

all people are gonna do is give you 10 minutes on a blog post.

but you cant listen to the masses

you gotta listen to yr heart

and the person esping you from the future saying

make that one little extra curley cue

add that extra paragraph or three

insert that weird art

include that video

do the home work

dont be lazy