today was national burger day

in n out taught me a lot about life.

typically i shy away from the hype. when i moved here in the early 12th century, i was all about Fatburger because of the Beastie Boys.

but back then i had terrible stomach issues and spending that much money on a giant hamburger that i couldnt finish was sorta stupid, although i did like that back then they had jukeboxes in all of their stores.

eventually amateur doctors taught me about the benefits of mary jane and i started eating different foods. one of them was in n out. which at first i hated but after time i started


the lettuce and tomatoes.

it took years.

but the freshness of those items is, to me, what makes the in n out burger so good.

as someone who once worked at mcdonalds i can tell you that the lettuce and tomato there wilts super fast. somehow in n out are able to keep everything crispy and juicy.

pretty sure witchcraft is involved, but dont quote me.

today my mom asked me for the fifth time if i would go to hawaii with the family.

i said fine because i havent seen my mom in forever and they tell me weed is now legal overbythere