bad news from the mechanic

the benz has a thing that tells you when you need to come in for an oil change.

mine was 1,700 miles overdue, because i knew they’d give me a laundry list of things that needed done. but i had to do it.

they told me i have an oil leak, coolant leak, and i was no longer handsome.

all things i knew.

then they told me my shocks were completely gone. after calling around town, the estimate would be $1,400. but they told me i could still uber to earn that money and then give it all to them.

so thats the plan.

it was funny bc someone gave me a lead on a FT job that i thought hmmm do i want to do that? i was on the fence. now im not so sure i have the luxury of being on the fence. i feel like i have to take every job i can do in 2024 to get out of debit, to keep my car running, and keep my head above water.

crazy thing is i think i can do a million jobs this year if i can get a handle on my ADHD, but the pills my doc are giving me aren’t doing it for me. not even close. i am More distracted these days than I was a year ago.

in part because of all the things i do for money. those things rattle around in my head and i have a million ideas and i want to do them all bc they are good ideas, and then theres the podcast and the Uber book neither of which pay the rent yet. but the Uber tales do get fantastic reviews.

thank God i dont have a wife and kid to support right now.

we will all laugh at this in the future and be all, “you were That old and behind the 8 ball that much and then things got better? so cool.”


i had such a good weekend driving

but i was sooooo tired yesterday

was it the celebratory burrito i ate? was it im getting old and moldy?

who know, but yesterday i just sat in my bed and tried to relax but i cant relax im always moving

last night i wrote about weezer for bree and that will be up on shortly

now im getting ready to rent an electric car so i can review it for this EV website i already wrote one piece for and now they want more. so thats nice.

my hands are still a little numb. i really need to take another day off of driving but i have to interview Glen at the food bank after i do this EV thing – which is also a tour around Hollywood for an hour with my man Brian.

then i have to get my real car smog checked and get a new registration.


i really should take tomorrow off and maybe i will because my hands really need rest.

i procrastinate like a pro

i have been feeling less than productive lately

do i blame the cubs? the perfect weather?

i know what it is but i wont say it in here because sometimes things are best left out there

floating in the netherlands

not wanting to be named but they are named.

can you believe that dude hasn’t paid me yet?

i may have a three month job doing Good for a Good organization.

i dont believe in jinxing things, so i will say that.

it’ll be nice to have a real job for a little while with a regular paycheck and i can get off the dole.

can you believe its been nearly a year since i was working regular-like?

covid is a mf.

anyways it’s time for me to go outside and see what the world has to offer.