my wrists started hurting today

coincidentally it was also a bad day for driving.

i did everything wrong. and i got trapped in the quicksand of South Central chasing surges and never quite making it.

so i quit the day early and headed home, in part to do a Zoom meeting for a little project im working on.

when that got cancelled i went back out and first got the owner of an Indian restaurant that’s taking Silver Lake by storm. i gave him my podcast card and said i wanna interview him for it. he said yes.

then i got these three law students, two from Italy and one from France who were looking at apartments in DTLA to be close to their school.

i told them they really should look at Echo Park and Los Feliz. i offered to drive them around for free but they were a bit put off by the overly generous offer.

so i gave them my card and put my phone number on it and i said, text me when you like a place and i’ll tell you if the neighborhood is ok.

they’re looking at a 3BD apt for $3k. seems steep to me.