got my car outta the shop (not pictured)

i dont have a lot of money. i dont even have a job. but sometimes you have to invest in your car.

for a year i have been broke and for a year my car has needed to get work done on it.

brakes, oil, you know: little things

but i met a guy by the river and i did a little favor for him, so i paid off a chunk of my apple card

and then put a grand back on it fixing my car up.

youve gotta be careful going into a shop and just omg paying for what they say is wrong

but this place is different. ive known the son for two years and his dad who has owned it for nearly 40 years. he’s going to be retiring soon. it’s a small place that usually works on very expensive Benzes like the $80k classic in the picture above.

apparently someone accidentally put diesel in that one.

when i asked how many miles that 57 year old car had

the guy said, no one knows because the odometers back then were only 5 digits.

when i got in my car it drove like it was brand new.

i can drive it to you.


today did not suck

there are good people in the world.

i met a man whose wife is in charge of all the busses in LA

i told him i am busblog

i said i would love to interview yr wife if shes down

later he told me my car would cost thousands to fix.

i said look, if she doesnt want to be interviewed

just tell her those of us who ride the busses and subways

say thanks

we love it.

then i showed him my Obama tap card.

he had never seen it before.

i said that was a genius thing that came out of her department.

they should make more.

midlife crisis: engaged

there was a bank error in my favor.

a long lost relative died and left me a small inheritance.

i bet a lot of money at the beginning of the season that the bears would be 6-3 by 11/15.

i sold all my baseball cards and bet it all against zenyatta.

i saved diligently for years and invested wisely.

next: purchase a members only jacket and start dating teens again.