dear tony, what do you do if someones being horrible

dear tony,

sometimes i wonder. i wonder what to do? should i lead by example like you say. or should i let things slide?

am i being lazy if i just let it go? but didn’t that song win an Oscar and all the kids sing it?

should i let someone walk all over me? am i a slave? if so, what type? the yessum massah you right to beat me and do me wrong?

or am i django unchained?

but i dont want to be a victim

dear sir,

sometimes we just have to put things in God’s hands.

do people do fucked up shit for a variety of reasons most of them having nothing to do with you?

all the time.

they say it’s not what happens to you that makes you who you are, it’s how you react.

me, i want to go to Heaven.

i dont care what people think of me. (or i try not to care). instead i care about what God would want to see me do. or if thats too tough a concept, i try to do what the angels would like to watch me do on their tv.

of course i could use my god given talents and super powers for vengeance – as could you. but we werent blessed with gifts for that, i dont think.

and the huge difference between the old testament vs the new is turn the other cheek.

if you remember this was one of the few times that Jesus made a sharp turn away from the old testament. he was asked about “an eye for an eye” and he said it only makes a bunch of blind people.

jesus instead said to turn the other cheek.

is that something that leads to being a victim? maybe. but one could say there was no bigger victim than Jesus himself as he was crucified for nonsense and that death was one of his most defining attributes.

also: who ever said being a Christian was easy? if anything we reach for religion when things are hard and we are given even harder instructions because they are the opposite of what human nature is about.

who takes a punch, and offers to get hit on the other side?

bad ass mo fos.

thats who.