i took this picture after a glorious dump

on a crazy day where i drove damn near 200 miles.

im gonna do something a bit risky this week. im going to spend as much time as i can cleaning my apartment. my neighbors are out of town so the garbage bins are empty. i need to fill those bad boys up.

I want to spend a half day per room. Then a half day per closet. I have two closets where I really have to purge.

It’s a risky thing to do because i need to make money this week and by not driving instead of cleaning i am gambling that i can have a bang up night on New Years Eve, which is also a risky night because drunks and pukers and it might be slick road conditions.

so that is where we have to trust in the Lord.

who i know loves me

in part because when i think back at the people ive gotten to know over the years, i have been blessed sooooooo well.

it’s ridiculous.

im terrible at cleaning so lets hope i can do this as planned.