amber enjoys filling my schedule with outings

i explain to her that i am working on something

that quite literally may save another person’s life.

and she’ll say, so you *don’t* wanna go to the HBO Holiday party?

you don’t wanna have thanksgiving with firefighters who could have died

you dont wanna go to the dirtiest fashion show of all

you dont wanna take in a twisted art show?

you dont wanna go to roaring 20s bash at a high class haunted hotel?

i tried to tell her a long time ago that i am older than i feel

i have traveled through time back and forth and theres very little under the sun that i have not seen

plus i love wearing pajamas and rarely get invited somewhere where thats the dress code

the one exception is Bree invited us to her place for a Sunday morning pajama party brunch.

i think that because shes pregnant she’s not crazy with the limited amount of clothing options that she has, and she wants a party, thus PJs

only problem is Da Bears play on Sunday mornings and i might be jumping up and down in front of a TV. so lets hope they move it to a night game and then everyone can win.

amber has the perfect onesie.