i cant concentrate

the world is so crazy right now.

hello people in the future. this is tony in the past. hi.

today this guy resigned as editor of Vogue.com, not Vogue, the magazine, but Vogue the website.

one person i know who knows him liked him and i respect her but lemme tell you a little something

for maybe 25 years ive been putting things on the web. at the beginning we had to do it with HTML

but as things progressed they made little software programs to help make it easier to get what you wanted on the internet.

they call the software CMS (content management software). every company uses a different CMS for a variety of reasons: cost, control, or because they’re convinced that every other CMS sucks.

i look at CMSs the way I look at local bars: they’re all about the same and some have tiny charms but if you’re super into booze or super into people you’re gonna like any local bar.

in this example, if you’re super into getting cool shit up on the web, you’re gonna figure out whatever CMS is placed in front of you.

this fucker never learned any CMS and when you’re at a certain level you really dont have to.

you can have people print things out, you can take your red marker to it, and they’ll go fix it.

then you have a long lunch at a swanky restaurant and talk about things that have nothing to do with putting things onto the internet.

when you do end up having to talk about your web site you say a bunch of crap in a language that’s either loved or loathed and you float on like modest mouse.

i am never happy when someone loses their job because like most normal people i have experienced losing a job and it can be earth shattering. you cant relax because now youve gotta find a new job as fast as you can

but unfortunately life is all about trying to compete with people

or worse, working for people,

who do not know anything about CMSes.

theres many things i want to be,

but theres also things i DO NOT WANT TO END UP BEING.

i cant concentrate because the world is imploding

and as a midwestern boy i know that the most perfect place to be during a tornado

is in the center