today i tried some slow cooking

i bought a whole chicken

some baby carrots, celery, potatoes, peas, everything you need.

i put it in the pot.

jeanine had left behind some slo cook junk-in-a-bag

poured that in.

all night i stirred and tasted it.

it needed salt. so much salt.

was thinking about putting some bacon in there. but i eat so much bacon anyways.

this morning i woke up and voila

it had turned into cupcakes.

chewy, delicious, rocky road cupcakes.

i fucking love them.

long live cooking.

now i see what all the fuss is about.

my only problem is i didnt have any real containers to put them in because i had made soooooo many.

so i got a garbage bag and dumped them in there.

and now i have two bags full.

i will go to this spot under the freeway where the homeless are.

i will hand them to the poor.

as we all should.

and i will share.

thanks cooking!

hi blog that i treat like crap

i love you.

im making a hot meal for a hot girl tonight.

im pretty excited. should i not be? some say you jinx it by being excited.

i think jinxing is a bunch of phooey, for if you have the ability to jinx something

you should also be able to unjinx it.

i think this girl is killer. did i tell you it makes me happy to think about?