over 6,000

today the LA county public health department said that they just confirmed over 6,000 new covid cases.

a few months back i was uptight because there were several days in a row with over 2,000. then i started listing them

in july i started giving bigger lists.

but now we are past 6,000?

i stay home now.

which will be hard but with my luck both donald trumps get the rona and survive, but i die.

the problem is the pretty girl.

she wants to be out every day, she wants to go on her walks.

i dont even want to look out the window now.

i want everything delivered. i want the blinds shut.

i will miss you, outside world.

but i have found my number.

is this what happens as you get older? you get angry?

is it the covid? is it how i feel after doing my roundups every day? i am so angry.

i have headaches every day. my hands are sore. my heart is broken.

its gotta be the roundups. but i like doing them. i know im good at them. and i want to know these things.

but i should be doing other things. i should be walking. i should be driving. i should figure out how to transcribe faster. i should get a second job so i could just pay someone to transcribe. but what world do i live in? most people cant even find one job, i think i can have two?

i fight all the time. with everyone. every day. im a mess. i need a break. but to do what? sleep? sit on my ass? even my cats piss me off. the shower. the screwdriver.

if i could tell this lettuce on my egg sandwich how lackluster it was i would.

do i miss the Cubs? yes. do i miss the outdoors? yes. should i have my windows open? yes.

yes. yes yes

i can see why people freak out about having a hair cut.

they dont want a damn hair cut.

they wanna know theyre not going to die without a fight.

everything every thing ev

when i first moved to LA the beverly center was incredible

we would go to the hard rock cafe and try to spot celebrities

they had movies on the top floor in tiny theaters, it shouldnta even counted as the movies but i saw a bunch there. one or two with michele even.

down the street was this kinda gay dance club called odessey. i didnt know it was gay.

i just thought the girls kissing were fascinating.

i had this oversized white shirt that fell off the shoulder

black parachute pants

little kung fu black shoes that cost two dollars

i looked like a Culture Club groupie which was what you wanted to look like if you were

new wave

fuck if i knew what i was but i knew i wasnt gay as soon as this old guy tapped me on the shoulder and asked if i wanted to dance

today the poor kids cant even get outta their houses. although the traffic on the 101 was seemingly back to normal today at 4pm as i was driving in circles around hollywood

interviewing a helicopter pilot.

driving because my phone cuts out usually after 20 minutes in my home but this time it did it in 5 minutes just as i was preparing to move the interview to the car

he was cool about it. he was cool about everything. we really hit it off.

in 45 minutes we talked about maybe 15 different things. all relevant. all solid.

if i just made it a Q&A it would be speed reading.

im mad at the world tonight, though, at 1:20am.

i keep telling myself everything happens for a reason everything happens for a reason

even though is that even true? has that been proven somewhere?

do dudes who go into comas and come back from the afterlife say oh yeah bill everything happens for a reason.


they dont tell bill shit.

they tell bill, the drinks are fucking free up there!

you know what i miss because of this coronavirus


is the world ending? yes. but on purpose.

when i was in college — even when i was in the college of creative studies, a place advertised as being an oasis for free thinking and out of the box ideas — i wasn’t always loved by my teachers.

i had one guy who taught a bible as literature class. he didnt like me. not one bit. which was sad because i liked him and that bible class was part of the reason that i have read the bible 4-5 times now all the way through.

in the end of the bible [spoiler alert], the world goes to shit. theres locust the size of horses, riding horses, fucking shit up, plagues, terrible things. for some reason in my minds eye theres molten lava everywhere.

certainly not an environment where you could get good cell phone reception or high internet speeds.

so in class we were reading Matthew 5. and in my paper (only papers in this class, no tests, hallelujah) i ask, “why is Matthew saying the meek are going to be rewarded with the Earth. does someone really aspire to get a gift that will be fucked up to shit with locust riding locusts roaming about and other creatures like this one that “rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns. And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth the mouth of a lion.”

if a cockroach rises up from the sink drain my girlfriend freaks out, why would anyone, let alone the meek, want to inherit The Earth, if this is what it’s future includes, i asked.

well my teacher got pissed. i’ll never forget what he wrote. “i have seen this. this is journalism.” an odd thing to write since he often contributed to the local free weekly. he was clearly trying to insult me but in such a bizarre way. he knew i wrote for the college paper. i was in it almost every day. sometimes twice a day.

this was a bible as literature class. when discussing traditional literature in a class like that, it would be no crime to talk about the end of the novel in relation to its middle. it was weird that he was so offended that i would talk about Revelation where the good people ascended to heaven and the bad people went to Hell, and Earth, this place God and Jesus and the prophets said to ignore, turned into a hellscape?

so anyway, yes the world is changing rapidly. right before our attention deficit addled eyes.

we are binge watching the season finale wondering who will remain standing for the inevitable spin offs.

perhaps what i wrote in the paper that truly upset him was

fuck the meek.

the bible isn’t about a bunch of meeks whining about this, being victimized by that, curling up and dying when shitty shit gets in their way.

this is a collection of stories about how when everyone laughed at noah he kept building that ginormous ark, when joseph got thrown in the pit and sold into slavery he persevered and became the most powerful man in egypt and ended jewish slavery. these are the stories of the strong.

maybe God is saying don’t be meek, for if you do, you will wind up owning this shit palace.

the oft repeated theme of the Good Book is what you see here is fine, but it’s not IT.

yours is the treasure of Heaven.

we were a planet that didn’t exercise enough, plan for disasters, or give a shit about the environment

and look at everyone now: insisting on going outside to hike, stocking up for the oncoming doom, and noticing how much of a stain we put on mother nature.

this is the way it was supposed to end.

televised, blogged, live streamed and tic tok’ed.

but until the locust come,


ive been working so hard and long this week i couldnt stop today

as you know i am a bit of a workaholic. even when i was at the academy, working a FT job wasnt enough for me so i started driving for Uber/Lyft at nights and on the weekends.

so when this crazy sad scary virus started spreading around the world, i upped my production at Los Angeleno. one thing led to another and yesterday they published three of my pieces

one on the middle class

one on weed

and every day ive been doing a daily coronavirus update

the first two stories were long, involved, fascinating and what i turned in was 2x longer than what was published, but that’s why i value editors. we could all use one or two or three and im glad i have mine.

anyways im very proud of those stories and grateful that i get to do this right now — especially since so many people are losing their jobs this month.

but i was soooo beat Friday at 5pm that i just had to put down my phone and unplug my old mac. i nearly cried of exhaustion and stress and the same anxiety that im sure everyones feeling.

so when amber said this afternoon that we should go to the store to replenish our fridge, we did.

but i also thought, let me take some pics of LA.

in my wrap up story there was this great drone footage of parts of LA that were totally empty

it was eerie.

sometimes one street or two will close for a movie or a weird sinkhole

or some bizarre reason

and i guess this is a bizarre reason

but rarely are streets Everywhere empty in this town that loves its cars.

so i said, lets go all the way to the beach and take pics of how empty it is there.

well, was i surprised.

people were everywhere.

the weather was close to 70. everyone had the day off. almost everything had been shut down unless it was deemed “essential”

so people decided to grab their skateboards and surfboards

and children

and walk around venice and santa monica and malibu beach and

completely ignore the pleas for everyone to stay safe, stay at home.

now you might say, well what about you?

and i would say, im documenting this. im not in my swimtrunks having a picnic on a grassy knoll.

im not playing hackey sack

or doing 360 McTwists in the skate park.

even though it’s Saturday, im doing my job, which for Los Angeleno it is: telling you what the locals are doing.

and they are not staying at home.

it was weird.

it was especially weird to see parents bring their kids out.

and dont get me wrong. i dont know what the hell i would be doing if i had kids. especially if i lived near the beach. or close enough to drive. or Lord help us, if we were all stuck together in a cramped apartment.

and im no scientist, but isn’t the ONLY way that this spreads is if we go outside and touch things and get too close to people and do unnecessary things?

surfing is unnecessary.

renting an electric bike and cruising down the boardwalk is unnecessary.

do we need this sort of activity? Hell yes.

but we also need to stay in the house for a while.

with that said, props to those who stayed far away from each other.



dear log, the world is ending

if the Future is around still to read this,

currently we are in the middle of a pandemic, nbd

people are dying in italy and china and even here in the usa

terrible situation that has the entire bay area on lockdown

and here in LA they shut down the bars and told the restaurants they can only serve things to-GTFOH

which is fine.

amber was let off work early today so i got her and we drove straight home cuz you die if you get too close to anyone else.

i talked to the security guard across the street and then to my neighbor, but we all kept our distance from each other.

instead of meeting at this nutty coffee shop in echo park, today my work had our weekly meeting via the phone

and i basically said id write everything i can as much as i can all the time all night, but im mentally frazzled

because this isnt the way i expected things to go

which is fine.

but they are moving baseball to may, which is nuts, it’ll be july if theyre lucky

nba and nhl will probs go straight to the playoffs whenever that happens.

poor king james is 35, he really wanted to do it with the lakers but he might lose a step

unless he works his ass off erry day during this time out.

movie theaters are closed. amc said theyd suspend my account there temporarily which is fine cuz i pay a monthly fee to see the movies and i love it.

called my dentist cuz i have an appointment thursday and said i was cancelling and i asked the young lady if the dentist’s mom was there, she was, so we talked and i said, i convinced my mom not to work at the illinois elections, something she loves, what do i have to do to have you go home too?

this lovely woman is older than my mom.

she said, oh i feel good.

i said ok then.

and i told her how nice it always is to see her. which is true.

i kid about we are all gonna die because we are not, but everything is shut down and theres not a lot of food and finally today the president got his head out of his ass and started taking this seriously probably because the stock market sunk faster than even the worst day in 1927

and all he cares about is that scoreboard.

and today it did


say ice cube’s a pimp.

it said donald j asswipe done fucked up and keeps fucking up fuck him.

which is fine.

everythings fine.

this is fine.

My predictions for the rest of this month

– Everything will be cancelled

– Hotels will slash prices for locals

– Congress will shut down

– Amazon will send lucky Prime members free TP and hand sanitizers when they order Amazon products

– Mike Pence will resign after Trump disputes the numbers coming from actual official sources

– Rage Against The Machine will do a free show at the Coliseum where Kaiser will administer free testing of the coronavirus sponsored by Corona

– Bernie surges in the primaries after getting on CNN yelling NOW WHO IS LAUGHING AT UNIVERSAL MEDICAL CARE?

– Rand Paul becomes the second senator to quarantine himself

– Mexico closes its borders to the US

– Led Zeppelin reunites

– Weed becomes legal nationally

– No federal judges are approved

– Canada sends boats of meds to Washington state

– U2 plays an unforgettable concert in the empty Coachella polo grounds that’s broadcast live to the world which raises money for the DNC to dethrone Trump who has bungled this medical emergency

– Netflix offers a month free because everyone is home, scared to go out to the movie theaters

– Streaking returns

– Nobody pays attention to any of the Kardashians until one of them gets the sniffles in a very special episode