goat head

every day we wake up and

that fool

hasn’t blown this whole galaxy up in flames

is a blessed day.

had a terrible toothache yesterday.

it had been lingering for the last few days.

still i can feel it but its better.

had to go to the dentist yesterday after lunch.

cute babe in the waiting room was flipping through a marijuana magazine.

i was all, they subscribe to this here now?

she said it’s mine and winked.

i asked whats your favorite strain

she goes, oh i don’t smoke, i just like to read about it and look at the pictures.

in LA you never know if theres a hidden camera somewhere, especially in waiting rooms.

so i picked up the sports illustrated.

she asked, do you have a favorite strain?

i said the Princess Sleia, unless im trying to go to sleep and then its the Bitch McConnell.

got in the dentist chair, dentist poked around a little, his assistant got the machine that pumps out

ozone (!)

they ozoned my tooth, prodded, scraped, x rayed, and visualized it

they gave me a nice pokin stick, some oil, and a plastic syringe to shoot salt water at it.

and sent me on my way.

total charge $13 because insurance doesnt pay for ozone for some reason.