its so hard to concentrate

the world is literally changing every hour here right now.

people are trying to impeach Trump now 9 days before his term is up.

mitch mcconnell is hiding in his shell so the Senate won’t be forced to have a vote and out those who still want to pretend that the elections were fixed.

now theres word that there are helicopters buzzing around the VPs residence signaling what? a quick escape? an implementation of new staff because Trump has resigned?

then every hour or so theres video released of this traitor or that one being arrested for breaking into the Congress and vandalizing and looting.

how am i supposed to do anything more than click at things and read and watch and laugh and cry.

why cry? because people in California are dying in droves every hour due to COVID.

the only safe place is in your home, alone. which is so unnatural for social animals.

speaking of animals: a half dozen gorillas at the San Diego wildlife park are said to have gotten COVID.

i need to work.

i need to nap.

i need to do anything other than have the tv on and the newspapers strewn and the Twitter reminding me that this will be the longest 9 days ever.