sometimes you should just give up on your dreams

you should just let those who have given up on theirs convince you that what youve always wanted is dumb

and that good things happen to everyone but you.

and that you dont deserve what you want now, but maybe next year or the year after that

or the year after that.

because of course tomorrow is guaranteed, and next year, and the year after

all these people died today, and all of them thought they were going to make it to tomorrow

and next year, and the year after that.

we just all have infinity years for our prince to come.

infinity years to get serious about climate change and health care and helping the poor.

our dreams can wait while we let the mediocre and terrified plot our futures.

who we are shouldn’t be expanded. nope. it should be stifled and reformed to fit into tidy boxes.

rock n roll should die.

best thing that happened today was the san francisco giants

who do not have a good team

won in the bottom of the 18th inning on a fuckup by the opposing catcher.

who was probs exhausted.

on friday nights they light fireworks after the game.

and there it was at 1:11 am and they said fuckit who cares if the neighbors are sleeping

boom boom boom fireworks into the bay. boom.

and the people of the twitter raised their fists at the moon

but giants don’t care.


had the most beautiful dream last night

i never dream, so when i do they’re usually bad

because they know they’re unwelcome

but this one was fantastic

and when i woke up i felt good inside.

but as i watched football today i thought

wait a damn second

that dream tricked you.

aint nothing changed in your life.

everythings exactly the same.

because that did not happen.

why would you believe the movie

and not the book.

every day i write the book.

we know what the truth is.

truth is that dog wanted his hair cut that way, aint nobody’s fault.

everybody wants something a little different.

and some people want dreams.

well you can have mine.


when i was a kid i had the biggest dreams

amberi wanted to manage the cubs

i wanted like 27 kids

and i wanted to give half of my salary to charity.

when i was in college i gave up on the cubs

i only wanted six kids

and i wanted to be a college professor one day.

when i moved back to LA the second time

my dreams were way simpler:

i wanted hot babes to love me

and i wanted to see as many great rock shows as i could.

today my dreams are even simpler

i want to fix the world

and give 3/4 of my salary to charity.

tonight i saw donald trump make a fool out of himself on tv because his money grubbing hasnt satisfied him so now he wants to aquire as much power as he can get

and i watched on twitter as kim kardashian stood by her man via snapchat.

we all have dreams.

some are bigger than others.

the first thing i want to fix is the block that i have preventing me from writing about my big plan.

but everything comes to you in due time.

will you be ready for it is the real question.