i went to eagle rock today

it’s gonna be the next neighborhood

i drove around. took pics. drove down to this church that i thought was in eagle rock.

it was actually Garvanza. which i will gladly do later, but not now.

accidentally ran a red light because i was looking at signs and trees and

but all worked out.

got a very unimpressive burrito at del taco that allegedly had beyond meat in it but im not so sure

then went inside eagle rock plaza and met a young lady who was missing a ring finger

too bad because i was gonna propose to her

she works in a vape store. huge store. she told me about how popular flavored nicotine vaping is among young people.

i need to return to interview her for this. beautiful woman.

that mall is a trip. id love the whole Eagle Rock thing to be about people who work at that mall.

it has a grocery store in it thats very… international, lets say. it also has a macys a chuck e cheese and a target

but then it has alot of mom n pop stores inside.

kids everywhere.

it really needs a baseball card shop.

if only.

anyways, it’s hard to believe that this podcast is what im gonna do for the next 14 years but i can think of worse ways to earn a buck.