being an asshole is easy

we shouldnt do the easy things. i mean you can if you want.

but the people i love are the people who are playing the advanced version

honors, AP,

some do it in an annoying way and im sure i annoy some and im not saying i am at 100% 100% of the time, but im happier when i am.

some also incorporate diet and exercise and reading and raising kids

and clearly im not playing that version of this.

im just trying to be good.

being bad would be so easy.

like i could make a rival to Disneyland if I wanted. anyone could.

Evil Land

where everyones mean to you and if you complain the fire hydrant says shut the fuck up and squirts you a little.

and the mascots chase you around

and the food is suspiciously delicious.

reasonably priced too

which is also weird.

for example beers are only $2 a cup.

“we’re Evil but we’re not Assholes” our tshirt would read

and on the back “beers two bucks.”

if you get enough people into a place you dont have to charge crazy prices for beer. make the food really good and get em there.

like what if the best sushi in all of LA was at Evil Land

but it’ll cost you.

at the restaurants there you can get one of two colored bibs: red or black.

if you wear a red bib everyones mean to you. if you wear a black one everyone kisses your fucking ass basically.

red bibs are $5, black ones are $10.

when you leave you get your picture taken next to a sign that displays what percentage tip you gave.

amazing bands at Evil Land,

but there are no good seats