So there’s good ways and bad ways to do things

Here’s the bad way; build people’s expectations, and then not fulfill them.

Especially when it comes to money.

But it could be other things like time.

A man’s time is the most valuable thing he can give you.

Because time is precious and limited and it has value.

So if someone says that in exchange for their time you will pay them money, and he gives you that precious time, and you do not give them the money, then someone is the bad guy.

I must admit, sometimes i am the bad guy. And i do not want to be the bad guy. Ever.

Have i let down others? Have i not fulfilled expectations? Yes. Yes.

So going forward i tried my best to only promise things i knew i could deliver on.

And not just that, but if i promise people that i would give my precious time, inherent in that promise was i would give 100% of my attention on it and all of my heart and all of my experience and all of my best ideas.

Because fuckit, why not.

When the sun comes out i want the whole sun. I dont want fucked up gloom. I want holy shit bright ass vitamin C shining down from the sky.

So the other day i was given expectations. Then the deadline came and went and it was extended. Then i said you know what it doesnt look like my side of the expectations are going to be met.

And a person was mad at ME even though i was the victim in the arrangement. I had delivered what i promised and they did not. So I said lets just pause until the clouds part.

Yesterday i was not given the money that was owed me, no no. Instead i was removed from having access to things. As if i was the bad guy. As if i was in the wrong.

Sometimes you have to lead by example. Sometimes people take that the wrong way. Sometimes people expect you to give give give. Sometimes people will talk talk talk but not ever say the thing that matters.

But it’s cool.

Good things will happen.