30 years ago i was selling tvs in west LA

wall of tvs

how can it be 30 years already?

what have i done with my life?

this was right before i went to ucsb, which means it was before the xbi got their fingers into me

and i was hustling at the tv wall. all the tvs were on the same station so you could “compare” them

which was a giant lie because each tv was getting a slightly different signal based on how close they were to the original source. plus customers would tweak the settings

plus salesmen would tweak the settings.

plus some of the tvs were spanking brand new and others were oooooold.

the space shuttle was about to take off and the couple i was trying to sell to said

hey the space shuttle is about to take off

it was showing on all the tvs. it was history happening. so i shut my trap and we all watched.

it took off, it went up, and then it exploded.

everyone died.

on all the tvs.

in all of our hearts.

my customers were no longer interested in buying any damn tv any more.

and i wasnt interested in selling one neither.

a few months later i quit and started pumping gas in beverly hills.

why? because i was convinced i should help people instead of shaking them down.