what Netflix should do with Stranger Things

stranger things

i like binging as much as the next guy. i order two pizzas, i fire up the little flat screen with the Ps4 and I turn on the big flat screen with the Netflix.

then i eat, play video games, and watch an entire 8-episode season, as it was intended.

stranger things posterbut now that Netflix has a hit on its hands with Stranger Things, I wish they would do something that goes against their very nature:

i wish they would show next season’s episodes one week at a time.

you know, like regular TV shows do.

they should do it for several reasons starting with spoilers.

imagine what would have happened with Game of Thrones if they dumped entire seasons out there all at once.

the spoilers would spread on day one and no one would be universally shocked when their favorite character meets their doom —

or is resurrected.

with this plan, every week will be appointment television for those who know they want to Netflix and chill,

so why not feed on that?

why not give them what they want every week for certain shows like OITNB, Love, and Stranger Things, and let them dump entire seasons out there for the unproven series

far be it from me to tell the wildly successful Netflix how to do their thing, but i didnt want Stranger Things to be over so quickly,

but i also didn’t want some jackhole giving away how the season ended, so i watched it faster than i wanted to.

first world problems aside, one reason im not a fan of Sugarfish is because, like binging tv series, some of us prefer to savor the beauty.

i fully understand that one reason netflix and other outlets put out all of the shows at once is to create a big splash, but congratulations, you have a big splash, Stranger Things is a hit. now move on to phase two of your plan: weekly domination.

bonus: since the show is a huge wet kiss to 70s/80s nostalgia i would play retro commercials before and after each episode,

some of which are actually real.