ten years ago today i was in canada

and i was looking in the eyes of a girl whose eyes looked a little like mine

first time i had ever experienced that

likewise, it was eye opening seeing canada through the eyes of a canadian

i remember so many things from that trip

ups and downs, highs and lows

i had just been dumped by my dream job (low)

but they gave me a sack of money as a parting gift (high)

and because i had done so well while i was there i was convinced the next place id work would be an even dreamier dream

those are the feelings i hope everyone has as they travel across new bayous.

we stayed in one nice hotel after the other because i was a master of Priceline

plus we did not give one shit where we would spend the night that night

so i would lowball incredible regions of town and ask for a great deal on a 5 star hotel

and every now and then luck said yes

but i must say one thing about fancy hotels

theyre all pretty much the same, big, tall, wide

i almost always feel like the fancier it is, the more people should be in the room

and its just usually some blue eyed sweetheart

or hazel

or green



six years ago today i wrote something about remembering but i forgot

thanks for reminding me Andrea!

“remember who you are”

learn yr strengths and dig in to them.

while youre young accept new challenges, and remember if youre breathing youre young.

do a few things that force you to be patient, which might require you to not do a damn thing.

if you havent learned something valuable for your job, dont go home yet.

have a hero and mimic them privately, have them be your fantasy mirror.

trust people. love people. and if you must hate them, do it quickly and then find something admirable and make that your new secret nickname for them.

remember who you are. remember who you used to be. and remind yourself who you wanna be.

its never too late to be great. its never to soon to shoot for the moon.

now is as good as later,

in fact its a little better.