dear history, this week there were terrible floods in Houston

one of the nice things about this blog is you can go back in the archives and see what was going on

weirdly i hardly ever go back in time.

but for posterity sake, heres how i feel about this flood: it makes me cry. all of it.

thousands and thousands of people. tens of thousands. maybe hundreds of thousands, have lost everything.

most of whom don’t have flood insurance.

this hurricane that brought the 4-5 feet of rain dumped on Texas which apparently has very few zoning regulations so businesses can do whatever.

the problem with that is a chemical factory was able to be built close to regular homes and today the flooding compromised the factory and it exploded.

the last time something like that happened the Texas government did precisely the wrong thing. instead of saying no you cant build dangerous factories next to regular homes, they said factories no longer have to tell reporters or the public what chemicals are in their factories.

all if it is so sad.

i love living in the Land of the Free, but this disaster shows why most of the logical states have zoning laws and regulations to PROTECT the people from businesses doing things willy nilly all in the name of profit.

also we’re not the land of the free if women don’t have total dominion over their body.

but thats another story.