got pretty much no sleep last night

not sure why. maybe i drank a Coke too late?

just couldnt get to sleep, so i wrote some deep dark secrets and sent it to someone.

maybe as a replacement for the missed therapy session from this week?

i wanted to get it off my chest because it was something i both worried about and something that i have zero control over.

for example, you could get in shape, buy the coolest clothes, steal the best car, read all the current best sellers and then go on 100 dates

there is no guarantee you’ll have chemistry with any of them.

likewise you could go outside because you hear theres a guy jacking off in the middle of the street and meet your future wife.

life is bizarre, which is fine.

today i saw an IG story where this girl went to Lobster Village with her parents and I DMed her and said wait the Mexican border is open? she was all yep.

and even though no one knows its open its still a two hour wait, she told me to cross the border back to the US

theres nothing i need at the border.

i can get lobster here and i dont.

i just like the concept of being free.