for months, behind closed doors

the republicans on the supreme court

the ones who were appointed by two presidents who did not win the popular vote

worked out a way to end abortions

worked out a way to tell a woman

she had to be a mother

worked out a way to erase all the hard work and litigation and precedent

over all these years.

and now i cannot concentrate.

i have so much work to do and i cant do it.

not because i think they will get away with it

everythings temporary

but because the supreme court was supposed to be one place

where the smart people worked.

where logic and the law and the constitution

were the things that protected America

from politics and religion and power and blah blah blah

but its not the case anymore.

these people dont care that women are gonna die

or have to give birth to the kids of rapists

or have to give birth to kids whose daddies they’ll never know.

dont we have enough problems?

why is controlling what happens between a woman and her doctor

of such importance to these justices?

we are in dark days

and thats why i cant focus.