today is gonna be a tough day

bad tummyits 2:!4am

im listening to the police on shuffle

i just air fried some day old fries

thinking about the time i ate too much poutine at the canadian border mcdonalds

st catherines maybe?

wearing a cubs hat and a los angeles x games tshirt because im always a tourist.

that day turned out to be a bad day and my date and i nearly wound up in jail which is a great story id love to tell you but i digress

that day was bad but then it ended up good.

then the whole week ended up good.

it turned into one of the best road trips ever.

tomorrows gonna be bad.

so heres to the good that comes after.

weirdest disaster ever

dear people in the future. how did you get there?

we have a leader who is super dooper exclamation mark the wrong guy to be flying this plane.

it’s like he seeks out mountains to crash into.

but whats crazy is the mountains lean over at the best moments and dodge him

you wouldnt even believe what he talked about this week, or tweeted, or ESPed.

he huffs and puffs and gets so angry and then does cowardly things.

you wonder if it’s cuz hes old or because he has been “rich” for so long

and people, even journalists, will give you a pass sometimes if you are a “billionaire”

so suddenly all these people are asking hard questions.

like, “what did you mean when you said what you said yesterday?”

or even harder questions like, “when did you last speak with the North Koreans?”

this dude straight up said, on tv, in a press conference, in 2020 America

“i’m not going to tell you.”

which isn’t really comforting.

im not even sure it’s legal.

anyway, i hope you can read this bc it means he hasn’t blowed up the joint.