what did i do today? i plotted.

i will go through patterns.

lethargy to the max.

and absolute hyperness.

the latter was beaten out of me when i moved to LA

but its still there

its why id drive all night for uber and lyft after working a full day at the academy

its why i used to post 3x a day and gave myself carpal tunnel

have i ever told you that amy collins cured me of that?

she gave me a book called its not carpel tunnel

i didnt read it, i rubbed the back of my hands on it and it went away.

have i told you ive had a good life?

do you know the people ive met?

do you know the people im gonna meet?

thats how i get out of this lethargy: go outside and talk to strangers

today i wrote a theme song for the podcast imma start

the month of gemini is when you should change gears

guess what month we’re in 🙂

was watching the cubs and they had joe buck doing the game

certain things i have zero tolerance, so i found the alternative audio and one was in spanish and the other was KMOX radio in st, louis.

they have an 81 year old play by play guy.

he was so bad. mumbling. reading. it was like he had no idea how to call the game.

and obviously he was there because he’d been doing it since black and white tvs.

i do not want to go down like that.

i saw a band once called pity fuck and i thought that was the greatest name

i wanna die the way i lived