Some are worried about a Civil War

What these geniuses should be worried about is abolishing Social Security and Medicare right as Gen X – who have been screwed decade after decade – is starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel.
We drank out of water hoses, walked home from school alone, never wore seat belts or had air bags, knocked on the doors of strangers for a variety of reasons from fundraising to collecting newspaper debts, were the first generation worse off than our parents. Survived AIDS, two Bushes and COVID.
If there is one generation you do not want to mess with, because it knows how to get back at you in creative and ruthless ways, it is the generation who intentionally drank Coke right after downing Pop Rocks.
I pity the fool who wants to poke the Slackers to see what we are made of. We are made of coat hanger antennas, heavy metal parking lots, and unyielding vengeance.