heres the thing you cant worry about

you cant worry about Google. people may search you and read the wrong thing. but they might read the right thing too. so you cant worry.

what you should worry about is being good. are you a good person? is your heart in the right place? are you kind? are you trying?

on a different level you can worry about are you doing interesting things or using whatever gifts you have or are you underachieving. but that first part is more nuanced than most of us realize. and by us i mean me of course.

good is fine but theres another level. are we there yet ice cube?

i have a rule that if anyone on the street asks me for money i’ll give it to them. but the other day there was this guy in a doorway, sitting on cardboard, it was cold and wet. and he never asked. we passed him and said hello. he said nothing. and when we passed him again he said nothing. i should have given him something.

but sometimes i think anything i do for this guy is meaningless. what’s a dollar or two gonna matter. but i gotta tell you, when i was driving uber, a $2 tip would completely fuel me for two hours. any instance of positive reinforcement is welcome in my life, why would that guy be any different?

so thats what i mean about a higher level of goodness. and thats just a dumb example. theres way more personal and important ones.

for example i should go to yoga with my gf. she would like that.