this is a picture of me and my mom in Georgia

back when i was first learning about Government.

i asked, how many Black senators are there?

she said, are you kidding?

i asked, all of them?

she said none of them fool!

and her friend laughed so hard she nearly dropped her baby.

so then i asked, well you can see into the future,

when will the first senator from Georgia get elected?

and she said, you will be bald and fat before that happens.

i said what?

she said, the other party will have to do everything wrong, repeatedly, loudly, they’ll have to withhold vital relief money from the entire state, they’ll have to be cowardly, and unusually evil.

and then, my sweet boy, then Georgia will hire a Black man for Senate.

and she rubbed my little snow cap and aimed me at my grandpa holding the camera

and i closed my eyes and thought