do you know you belong here

can you see that everything has been laid out

there are pop machines and drive throughs

hospitals and rainbows

all here for one reason and one reason only

so that you me and the lilies of the fields

can do our thing.

theres no reason to stress.

if it all comes falling down, then let it.

if the seas part and the monster rises then scream out:

here i am, here i am.

and hope it knows English.

because being scared is something my girl cat does because she doesn’t watch enough tv or read any books.

shes adorable and soft but no one is wishing to switch places with her any time soon.

the only one who loves her more than me is the boy cat who is brave and adventurous

and thinks hes a dog.

i even call him that now as he follows me around, first in the hall, then when he jumps in the tub

and then leaps on the kitchen sink so he can look me in the eye as i sit on the toilet.

he tries so hard to read my mind but the only thing in there is

the echoes of led zep and fantasies of whats it like in heaven

which yesterday i learned isn’t capitalized.