i dont know why i do the things i do to my self

it’s like the worst game of Horse.

i do it because i know no one else will.

i get in arguments online. i take on challenges no one would. i put myself out there.

for the gram? to accept the challenge? because fuckit? because it’s punk rock? because i have something to prove?

ive got nothing to prove. and worse, ive learned that even once you prove it, it doesnt matter.

shits gonna go down the way its gonna go down so you can do whatever you were gonna do this has all be said and done before

theres an alpha and an omega and just like every video game heres how this one ends

with a flashing game over

no one celebrates your incredible Centipede game.

why would anyone praise this?

got pulled over a few months ago and told the gent that i was in a rush and it was a serious health emergency

he said he believed me but took his sweet time writing me a ticket anyway

when he gave me the ticket he asked me, “ok?”

i said no it wasnt ok, which was not the ok thing to do because he took the ticket, scratched off the original offense and scribbled in a more severe penalty

because apparently answering truthfully to the law is not really what they wanna hear.

ninjas gotta esp a fool these days.

im angry about a lot of things, most of all that im sleepy at midnight and i really wanted to write.

on my gravestone simply write

did everything wrong and ended up here.